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The journey to Serbian Residence is fraught with unplanned and sometimes, seemingly nonsensical requirements.

Getting a Serbian company is fairly straightforward - just go to a registration office, pay approx 10 euro in fees, choose a unique name and you're done.

What they won't tell you is that you are immediately liable for up to nearly 300 euros a month in taxes. And in order to access that system you'll need a digital key card. And in order to activate that system you'll need a computer with Windows installed, and that you'll need programming experience to get their software to work, and it's quite possible it still won't work because the three different private authentication providers don't necessarily talk to each other and in any case, as a non citzen, you got a special card that in fact won't work for you at all.

You could spend 3 days figuring this all out, or you could walk into an accountants and pay up to 50 euros for them to log into the system for you and print the report, or - you could set up the right strategy the first time and get connected with the people and services which will save you weeks of hassle and hundreds / even thousands of euros in unnecessary payments.

This is the difference between paying 20 euros or 120 euros per month in accountancy fees. Either 160 euros variable or up to 300 euros fixed per month in taxes. Avoiding entire afternoons spent in government buildings re-issuing work permits because you didn't realise that the re-application had to be in before the residence expired.

We offer two, fixed fee, straightforward services:

Starter Pack

This pack gives you a flying start in your residence planning, and instant access to a network of professionals and ex-pats who are going through the same process.

  • 1 hour online consultation, ending with a tailored, written report specific to your goals and circumstances
  • A lifetime of access to the Serbian Residence Members Network
  • A detailed e-book packed with information and practical residence tips

The consultation is to understand your exact situation, present a range of options to support your objectives (and explain why they are good options) and will finish with a written report outlining the recommendations with an action plan for delivery.

The Serbian Residence Members Network is a community of other residence seekers and Serbian legal experts. You can ask as many citizenship and residence related questions as you like in this group. We also publish regular emails and announcements, such as social events and regulatory developments.

The e-book gives the low-down on life in Serbia, practical travel tips (taxi numbers, takeaway tips, tax developments, etc).

Fee - 350 euros.

Engagement Pack

The engagement pack is for those who are ready to commit to the residence journey and would like to minimise the costs and risks of doing so.

  • Completion & submission of all application forms
  • Police Interview support
  • Work Permit support
  • Bank Account support
  • Accommodation support
  • Service Provider referrals
  • Everything in the Starter Pack

Following the strategy call we will have provided you the plan including the forms that need to be completed. With this service, we will complete those forms on your behalf, come with you to the Police Interview, and to the work permit office, help you find local accommodation, get the right bank account, introduce you to service providers (eg accountants, property specialists, universities) and - in the first year - we will do it all again for your six month renewal.

Once you have passed your second renewal, the process is much easier (and you will be more self sufficient) and so our fees drop to reflect the reduced effort.


First Year - 750 Euros

Subsequent Years: 300 Euros